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Radon Testing Services

We’ve partnered up with an outside company to help process our radon tests. You will receive a certified radon test report published in a locked PDF that cannot be accessed or altered.

radon testing services bellbrook oh

Protect Your Health With a Home Radon Test

Radon is colorless and odorless, so it is difficult to detect without proper equipment. It can also be influenced by things like moisture, which is commonly found in lower levels and basements where you typically test for radon. For that reason, it is important to ensure you end up with reliable test results that don’t give you a false sense of security. The home radon test we perform will let you know if your home in Bellbrook, OH, or the surrounding area, is a safe place for you and your family. Having your home tested for radon is fast and simple. We run a 48-hour test using a small continuous radon monitor that measures the hourly radon level inside your home. The hourly levels get built into a report that lets us know what your average indoor radon level is for that 48-hour period. We partner up with an outside company called Radalink to help process all our test data. The report comes in a locked PDF file that cannot be accessed or altered by us. It is an extra step we take to make sure you feel completely confident and secure about your results

Get Accurate and Trustworthy Results

Radalink provides us with specialized, ultra-sensitive monitors that run the full hour, every hour during the radon testing period. This guarantees accurate results that allow you to make an informed decision about mitigation. Your report comes in a locked PDF file that cannot be accessed or altered by us in any way. Once we get your test results, we use what we learned to help you understand the potential dangers if any.

Make an Informed Decision and Make a Difference

Working with a licensed professional is the best way to guarantee you get accurate results that are actually helpful. All radon testing professionals in Ohio must submit test results to the state quarterly. In the long run, this will help us better understand Ohio’s radon problem. DIY testing kits are better than not testing at all; however, there are multiple steps involved with many of these kits that make it tough to follow through with. Some of these kits can also be influenced by moisture and other factors that can affect your results and give you a false sense of security. Team up with our experts in Bellbrook, OH, today to get quick, easy results and peace of mind.