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We ensure our family, friends and fellow community members are living in safe environments, void of potentially cancer-causing radon gas.

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Meet Our Radon Specialists

Chris, the owner and operator of Heartland Radon Systems, has had a lengthy career working in residential construction and truly understands all the major components that make up a home. He has a very keen eye for detail that eventually drew him into the Home Inspections business, where he then developed a passion for radon testing and mitigation. He combined all his prior experience to build and develop Heartland Radon Systems and to provide the absolute highest quality radon services.

Angela is the other half of Heartland. She has spent countless hours training and learning more about radon gas. She works diligently to share information and educate her community about the dangers of radon and the harm it can cause to your body over time.

We are passionate individuals, determined to make the world a better and healthier place.

Most people who know about radon have learned about it through a realtor. But what about people who bought their homes before we learned what we know today about radon in residential homes? Or people who have a home built without the help of a realtor? 

There are a lot of people who slip through the cracks and don’t know that radon is something to be concerned about. We work to help fill these gaps. We know much more about radon today than we ever have in history; it has been scientifically proven that radon causes lung cancer. We are completely committed to helping our community through every step of the process. 

Not all radon mitigation systems are created equally.

We have found that there are multiple ways a company can install mitigation systems. We focus on quality over quantity; we properly plan, design, then install each mitigation system to ensure your entire home is protected and there are no unreachable areas.

We are not the lowest bidder when it comes to installing our systems; we only use the highest quality materials and we don’t rush in and out to get on to the next job. You will see and experience the difference before any work even begins.

Choose peace of mind and fully protect your family from this silent killer.

What Makes Us Different?

Radon is our passion, not just our profession. While learning more about this naturally occurring cancer-causing gas, we found out that our home states of Ohio and Pennsylvania have some of the highest known radon levels in our country. Now knowing what we knew, we couldn’t stand by and watch our loved ones and community unknowingly be exposed to it in their daily lives. We chose to start a profession in radon because we care

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